Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

The land of chocolate, Jacques Brel and Tintin is my home; 'm from the green outskirts of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the capital of Europe. In the Spring of 2018 I moved to Kalmthout.


What are your hobbies?

I simply adore travelling. Cultural citytrips are my favourite, since I love sightseeing and visiting museums, exhibitions, concerts and so on. Also, I'm a keen swimmer and tennis player. I visit the gym regularly, too. A third passion of mine is cooking. Pure and simple flavours are my cup of tea (pun absolutely intended).


Any other achievements you want to mention?

I have two Red Cross certificates: the basic first aid course and the follow-up advanced first aid course. 


In my final year of secondary school, I won a nationwide English translation contest. In addition, I was nominated for the Olympiad shortlist of best Latin translators in the country that very same year (= top 20).


During my studies at university, I was active as a student representative. My main tasks concerned online and offline communication between the student body and the University.



How much practical work experience do you have?

All of my practical experience combined, I have fifteen internships, seven years of student jobs and five years of fulltime work behind my belt.


How's your ICT knowledge?

I have an aptitude for learning different kinds of software and hardware quickly and efficiently. Currently, I have a strong knowledge of word processing software, social media and email software. In addition, I have a good knowledge of presentation software. Of course, this ICT knowledge covers both Microsoft and Apple products. Finally, I have rather good radio production and video editing skills: I can work fluently with Dalet, Dario, Syndication, Zenon, Audition, Audacity, Vegas and so on.