About Me

Why choose me?

If I were shampoo, I would say: Because I'm worth it!


... This not exactly being the case, I have taken the liberty of writing down a couple of paragraphs about what makes me, me and why I'm absolutely worth your time, effort and consideration.


From a very young age, television, radio and other media immensely fascinated me. I watched television shows from all around the world: American, French, Dutch and British programmes were quite familiar to me, even at the tender age of eight. Moreover, I was constantly creating my own television shows and radio programmes, and loving it. My audience, which consisted of several dozens of stuffed animals, was equally thrilled. In short: (producing) media was in my blood! 


At the age of eighteen, after graduating cum laude from secondary school (Latin-modern languages), I took my first step in the direction I was always meant to go.


Since I love creating ideas and concepts that attract an audience, I registered for a Professional Bachelor’s degree in teacher training at University College Leuven-Limburg. A dozen internships in every type of secondary school education helped me learn a great deal about finding out whom my audience is and how to interact with it and its specific characteristics. 


Next, I wanted to broaden my horizon and find bigger and more diverse audiences to reach. Therefore, after graduating cum laude as a teacher in the subjects English, Economics and Religion, I enrolled for a Master of Science in Media Communications at KU Leuven, one of Europe’s leading universities. 

I passed my Bachelor's degree and Master's degree cum laude and gained a lot of academic knowledge and insights in courses like History of Film, Media Sociology, Journalism, Radio and Audiovisual Communication. My Master’s Thesis, which earned me a Highest Distinction grade, focused on film criticism in magazines in the ’50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.


I focused my final year of University on gaining experience and developing practical skillsI enjoyed a three month internship as a junior producer, writer and social media manager for Hotel Hungaria, co-creating online media (JaniTV, LibelleTV), publicity campaigns (Primus) and television programming (Dagelijkse Kost). During my final University year I also worked as an intern at Medialaan, co-creating and co-producing radio programming and events for the commercial radio stations Qmusic and Joe.


After graduating, I worked full-time for Joe for a year, as a junior producer, social media manager and editor, creating content for on-air and online use. I also wrote (related) newspaper articles for the country's biggest newspapers (HLN, De Morgen,...).

In August 2017 I started working as a radio creative for Nostalgie. For little under a year, I was a versatile media editor, on-air and online. I came up with ideas, both short-term and long-term, which I developed into content, on-air and online, to create ratings and brand awareness


Since the Summer of 2018 I supervise and manage the executive branch of Nostalgie as a producer of events and programming (= right hand of the station manager). As mentor and supervisor of interns, I hone the talents of young radio/media talents, in the meanwhile also honing my own people management skills.


During my time at Nostalgie, I served as head digital producer, news reader and DJ sidekick, too.